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Asset Management

Assets can be grouped into categories and works are easily tracked for the full life-cycle, a complete history of work orders, associated purchase orders, budgets and invoices are stored in a central, searchable database. By linking people, place and materials to assets, the use cost and value is easily managed.
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IT Support

Define Africa IT Support Services focuses on providing fast, superior, reliable and customizable IT Support Services for you to focus on business critical functions by leaving part or all of your IT support needs under the wings of a single trusted service provider.
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ICT Project Management

Technology transitions sometimes can be confusing and tedious. At Define Africa Limited, we take transitins with the seriousness that it deserves. We help you design and implement all your ICT related projects in a seemless and stress-free manner.
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Business Technology Solutions

We provide a wide range of Business Technology solutions to enable businesses take full advantage of the existing technology trends in maximization of output. The range of our services include: Digitization, Digital marketing, Marketing & Collaborations.
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IT Security and Infrastructure

The system of hardware, software, facilities and service components that support the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes are backbone for delivery of seamless customer service and business growth in the 21st Century.
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IT Consultancy

As businesses depend more and more on technology to promote and deliver their products to market, so the benefits of adopting Best Practice IT Service Management. Define Africa help desk will utilize the helpdesk
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Our Approach on Consultancy and Trainings

Define Africa Ltd begins with a review of the IT environment at the organization, to assess its adequacy to the support the current operations of the business and to implement the gaps with regards to best practice. The review focused on the following areas:

  1. Network & Hardware Infrastructure: This involved an assessment of the network connectivity and hardware setup.
  2. Email and design Application: This involved an assessment and provision of the email & design application.
  3. Backup and Recovery: This involved an assessment of the firms backup and recovery processes.
  4. Voice and telecom solution: This involved a review of the internal voice solution , outbound communication solution and facilities available.
  5. Security : We review the organization’s security policy and what has been done about it and give our input

As businesses depend more and more on technology to promote and deliver their products to market, so the benefits of adopting Best Practice IT Service Management.

Key Benefits for the organization

Reduces costs-staffing,Facility and Equipment Efficiency.
Increase Network Reloability / Reduces Network interruptions.
Maximizes Network Efficiency and Performance.
Helps Maintain Carrier-class avaiability.
Allows Customers to Maintain Focus and Core business.
Provides Services in the Event of Emergencies.
Fixed cost of Operations.


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